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Excited by the new worlds opened up by global exploration and scientific research, men of means in the 16th and 17th centuries collected objects from faraway places and displayed them in what they called wonder rooms. Now, Annette Gates transforms … Continue reading

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Gloria Ortiz-Hernandez Between the Known and Unknown

Few shifts in an artist’s aesthetic are more risky and decisive than that taken by Gloria Ortiz-Hern├índez about six years ago. Up to that point, she was primarily making vibrant paintings on canvas or paper replete with prominent figures, intense … Continue reading

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Art in American

The five stunning digitally constructed photographs in the exhibition, titled “Mood Is Never Better Than Memory,” show a personal, introspective side of Chi Peng, an artist better known for his self-chosen role as mischievous critic of China’s reflective rush into … Continue reading

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Chi Peng’s terrific “Journey to the West” at Atlanta’s Kiang Gallery

      Beijing artist Chi Peng turns ancient myth into a parable of contemporary life in “Journey to the West,” a sly, witty and visually creative series of photographs on view at Atlanta’s Kiang Gallery. He borrows the title … Continue reading

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Kiang Gallery Info And Exhibition Projects

Kiang gallery was established in 1992 and continues a challenging exhibition program of contemporary works in all media: painting, drawing, contemporary photography, sculpture, digital media, including a long standing commitment to Chinese contemporary art and Chinese photography, by emerging and … Continue reading

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